Hey, there!
I'm Borut Balazek.
I'm a Full-Stack Web Developer.
In my 12+ years of professional experience, I have developed scalable platforms and apps used by millions of users worldwide.


Nearly two decades ago, my journey started with creating simple and basic HTML websites, which slowly evolved towards developing themes and plugins for the popular CMS frameworks of the mid-2000's and then gradually drifted more towards developing custom web solutions.

My professional career began in 2011 when I started freelancing for several clients, primarily focusing on designing and developing websites, e-commerce shops, and CRM systems. During the first few years, I created numerous custom themes and plugins for Wordpress, and I also designed prize games on Facebook for larger brands. All this changed about eight years ago when I joined a UK-based EdTech startup. There, my main role involved developing several major SaaS products. You can read more about this in the Work section below.

Currently, my primary tech stack includes NextJS or NestJS for the backend debelopment, React for the frontend, and React Native for the mobile applications. In addition to the primary stack, I regularly utilize tools such as Typescript, Docker, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, NX, Cypress and CakePHP on a daily basis.
For a comprehensive list of my skills, please refer to my CV, or visit my GitHub profile.

When I'm not engaged in projects for my employer, I dedicate myself to learning, working on, and experimenting with new technologies to broaden my expertise. This includes Python, Go, C#, MongoDB, K6, ClickHouse, TimescaleDB, Grafana, Elasticseach, AI/ML (years* before* it* was* cool*), and so much more!

While my mother tongue is Slovenian, I also speak English and German fluently.

My core traits include proactivity, reliability, adaptability, dedication, and perfectionism.


During my time as a freelancer, I have worked, either directly or indirectly, with numerous companies and agencies. These include well-known names such as Philips, RWE, Innogy, Dannon, Einrichtungspartnerring VME, LesMills, Radenska, Union, Medex, Diggit, Planet Tus, and many others.

For the past 8+ years, I have been with a UK EdTech company, joining as the first developer after the CTO. I have contributed to growing the product from tens of thousands to millions of users. In addition to implementing a significant portion of the product features, I lead the E2E, frontend, and mobile app development sectors. Furthermore, I am responsible for onboarding and mentoring new and junior developers, as well as instructing and guiding our QA team in the use of Cypress for E2E testing.


For official testimonials and recommendations, please visit my LinkedIn profile. Below, I've highlighted a selection of the kind words my amazing colleagues have shared about me during 'Employee of the Month' award ceremonies and throughout our years of collaboration.

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