Hey there!
I'm Borut Balazek.
I'm a Full-Stack Developer.
In my 12+ years of professional experience, I have developed scalable platforms and apps used by millions of users worldwide.

About Me

My journey as a web developer began nearly two decades ago, fueled by a fascination with simple HTML websites. Over time, this passion evolved into crafting themes and plugins for popular CMS frameworks and later custom web solutions.

My professional career began in 2011, freelancing for diverse clients on websites, e-commerce shops and CRM systems. Early successes included creating custom WordPress themes and plugins, plus creating Facebook prize games and campaigns for major brands. I then joined a UK-based EdTech startup, where I played a key role in scaling products used by millions and mentored developers while leading the E2E testing initiatives. For more details, check out the Work section below.

My daily toolkit includes Next.js, NestJS, React, React Native, Astro, Typescript, Docker, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Turborepo, NX and Cypress.

Beyond my day job, I'm driven to experiment with the latest tools and technologies - this includes: Python, Go, MongoDB, ClickHouse, TimescaleDB, Grafana, Elasticseach, AI/ML (years* before* it* was* cool*). My passion for interactive experiences extends to WebGL with Three.js and Babylon.js.

For a more comprehensive list of my skills, please check out my CV. If you're feeling adventurous, visit my skills or projects page. You can also explore my GitHub account, where you will find over 40 projects, including several libraries, boilerplates, and numerous side projects I've worked on over the years.

I am fluent in English and German alongside my native Slovenian language. My main personality traits are being proactive, reliable, dedicated, detail-oriented and self-motivated.

When I'm not coding, you might find me watching Formula 1, playing sim-racing titles, printing 3D mugs, taking pictures of birds and producing the next summer hit. Otherwise, I also enjoy walking my 2 dogs and watching tech news with my 2 cats.

My Professional Journey

During my time as a freelancer, I have worked, either directly or indirectly, with numerous companies and agencies. These include names such as: Philips, RWE, Innogy, Dannon, Einrichtungspartnerring VME, LesMills, Radenska, Union, Medex, Diggit, Planet Tus and many others.

For the past 8+ years, I have been with a UK EdTech company. Joining as the first developer after the CTO, I have contributed to growing the product from tens of thousands to millions of users. In addition to implementing a significant portion of the features, I also lead the E2E, frontend and mobile app development areas of the products. Furthermore, I was responsible for onboarding and mentoring newly joined and junior developers, as well as instructing and guiding our QA team in the use of Cypress for E2E testing.

What People Say

Here are a couple of messages from people that I have worked with during the years:

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