Hello there and welcome to my website!

My name is Borut Balažek, and I am a Full-Stack Web Developer based in Slovenia, Europe, who enjoys building things.

Currently available for freelance or full-time work. Contact me at info@bobalazek.com.

About Me

I first became interested in web development around 15 years ago. In the beginning, I started coding very basic HTML websites, but with years of hard work and learning, I got into more and more complex projects. Nowadays I mostly develop custom web and hybrid mobile/desktop applications, but I still do have extensive knowledge of developing websites, eCommerce shops and custom themes/plugins for WordPress.

My primary stack is PHP (Symfony) for backend, React for frontend and React Native for apps. In addition I also use Javascript, Typescript & Docker on a daily basis, and then Python, C#, Go, MongoDB and Elasticseach I also use here and there for personal projects. You can view the full list of my skills at Visual CV.

When I do not work on commercial projects for my clients/employer, I learn, work and experiment with machine learning and Game Development in Unity & Unreal Engine.

My mother language is Slovenian, but I also fluently speak English and German.

My traits are proactivity, reliability, adaptability, dedication and perfectionism.

Outside the office, I enjoy time with my girlfriend and my two dogs.

Sometimes I also take photos and make music!

My Work

I have already worked for many companies and agencies. Here, just to list a few: Philips, RWE, Innogy, Dannon, Einrichtungspartnerring VME, LesMills, Radenska, Union, Medex, Diggit, Planet Tuš and many more.

My primary workflow and communication tools are Slack, Github, Trello.

I am also an open-source contributor. Here is a short list of a few of my open-source projects: a symfony boilerplate, a BabylonJS starter kit, a boilerplate for contests / prizegames, a slack-like chat app, a local photo manager app, and many more. Please visit my GitHub account, to view all of them.


To learn more about myself, you can reach me via the following options:

Mobile: +386 (0) 40-700-833 or Skype: bobalazek


Email: info@bobalazek.com

Looking forward hearing from you!